Environmental Week

Last week we celebrated an "Environmental Week". The students in the last year of ESO worked hard to turn the school into an environmentally friendly school, and the rest of us cooperated to make it possible.

First they created all sorts of decorations to encourage the rest of the students and staff to "go green". Here are some pictures of their process.

These are the students searching for information on the internet.
Here, they are creating the decorations.

In these pictures you can see the students hanging the decorations around the school.

These containers were in the playground during the breaks so that the students could recycle their rubbish.
Friday was an important day, it was the "Walk to school day". Students and teachers were encouraged to walk to school and help the environment by reducing pollution.

In this tree, people who walked to school could stick coloured papers with messages or just their names.

Here are some of the decorations.

 These are the "walkers" sticking their papers as if they were the flowers of the tree.